Buyer emerges for Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum! ...guess who?!

Here is one of the initial articles from the Portland Business Journal.

"The turbulent times for the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum may be on the verge of smoothing out now that a Utah businessman has agreed to buy part of the McMinnville attraction.

A purchase agreement for the property, among several bankruptcy filings submitted at the end of June, notes that The Falls Event Center LLC, a company based in Utah, has agreed to buy the buildings, including the space museum and the Wings & Waves Waterpark, for $10.9 million.

The aviation museum portion of the development was sold off last year.

The current owner of the remaining properties is the nonprofit Michael King Smith Foundation, which filed for bankruptcy protection in January of this year.

According to the purchase agreement, the deal, expected to close Aug. 5, also includes an adjacent parcel that will be resold to an as-yet-unnamed hotel developer, who will complete a long-planned hotel on the site.

According to the Oregonian, the LLC buying the property is owned bySteve Down, a Klamath Falls native who has several businesses in Utah, including a financial education firm called Financially Fit and a sandwich chain called Even Stevens. He told the Oregonian he plans to run the water park as a for-profit operation."