Steve Down, an Innovative Entrepreneur and, Successful Business Owner, is passionate about creating companies and providing jobs. He is the founder of many flourishing companies including, Financially Fit, Even Stevens, The Falls Event Center, CE Karma, Storm Maker Media, and Blue Hat Ventures. 

As America’s Wealth Coach, Steve is the Founder and President of Financially Fit, an organization committed to helping families and individuals create wealth from any starting point. He is the author of Financially Fit for Life, which is the financial education program of choice for thousands across North America. His most recent books are Idea Economy and Wealth Bound.

The Falls Event Center is a rapidly expanding new concept, providing, unique, state-of-the-art event venues where a dream wedding, corporate meeting, community event, or beautiful quinceañera can become a reality. The Falls Event Center is the perfect space for any event.

When Steve created Even Stevens, a sandwich shop brand with a cause, he empowered a team of foodies, non-profits, and the food industry to become a force of social good. Even Stevens donates a sandwich to a non-profit for every single sandwich purchased. Even Stevens is a rapidly expanding, and beloved brand in all of the communities it serves. 

CE Karma supports the success of dental professionals and the communities they serve. Steve Down created CE Karma with the vision of providing the best continuing education, taught by leading educators at an unmatched price. As a result, for every doctor who attends a continuing education course, CE Karma is able to provide oral health care to our communities underserved children, youth and adults in need.

Steve envisioned an advertising agency where forward-thinking creatives could collaborate and bring to life new, innovative ideas. What was a big idea became a reality, and Storm Maker Media was born. Storm Maker Media produces innovative web, social, print, and media materials for their clients so that they not only look good, but so that they lead their industries through innovation & effectiveness in branding, media design and market presence. 

Blue Hat Ventures is a unique industry brand for construction, flooring, landscaping, and design A one-stop-shop for premier corporate development. With a strong management team & seasoned experts, Steve created Blue Hat Ventures to provide a seamless project experience from start to finish.

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